Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Sugar Intake Within The Daily Limit

In my last post, I had a look at the recommended daily intake of added sugar, and just how easy it is to consume the 6 teaspoon limit (especially if you have a doting granny that loves nothing more than to bring out the sweet stuff at every opportunity!). So, apart from the obvious offendors,... Continue Reading →

The ‘S’ Word: How much sugar is ‘too much’?

Other mommies make the assumption that not so much as a granule of sugar has touched my son's lips because I happen to have a blog devoted to healthy eating for kids. I get asked, in all earnest, if I have ever actually given my son sugar. If you're wondering, then the short answer to... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on Salt

It has been drummed into us that salt is one of the leading known dietary causes of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but do we really understand how much we should be adding into the meals we lovingly prepare for our families?  And when it comes to making healthier choices do we need to avoid it at... Continue Reading →

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