Coconut Flour

This ingredient is one of the biggest health buzzwords at the moment - found in so many recipes and on the shelves of most (if not all) grocery and health stores - and for many, it isn't entirely clear what all the fuss is about. So why is coconut flour healthy for children (and the... Continue Reading →

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

This is something that I discovered when attending a vegan, raw food 'cooking' course in Cape Town a few months ago. For all the lactose-intolerant or dairy-intolerant little ones out there, this is one of the best ways to add a cheesy flavour to any savoury dish for your family. Essentially, nutritional yeast flakes is... Continue Reading →

Chia Seeds

This superfood has been a Mexican staple for years, and has more recently been creating waves due to the powerful punch of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre found in every teaspoon. Chia seeds are mainly made-up of omegas - at a whopping 60% - which makes this one of the richest plant-based fatty acid... Continue Reading →

Although it has been around for centuries, used by cultures spanning the globe, this ingredient is one of the hottest pantry items out there at the moment. It has been described as a "miracle food" and a "super oil" due to the number of health, healing and nutritional benefits that can be found in every jar.... Continue Reading →

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